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Prohibited/Restricted Items

Prohibited Items

The following articles are prohibited from shipment to all countries served by UPS:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Animal skins (non-domesticated)
  • Articles of exceptional value (eg, works of art, antiques, precious stones, gold and silver)
  • Dangerous goods/Hazardous materials (following IATA regulations for Express and Expedited, and following ADR regulations for Standard)
  • Firearms
  • Furs
  • Ivory and ivory products
  • Live animals
  • Money and negotiable items
  • Perishable goods
  • Personal effects (except via MBE Centres to selected countries)
  • Plants
  • Pornographic materials
  • Seeds
  • Tobacco and tobacco products
  • Unaccompanied baggage (except via MBE Centres to selected countries)
  • Watches exceeding the value of 500USD

Also prohibited are: goods moving under ATA Carnet and all temporary exports and imports; goods moving under FCR, FCT and CAD (CashAgainst Document); shipments with inherent vice, which by their nature are likely to soil, impair or damage persons, merchandise or equipment; goods, the carriage of which is prohibited by law in the country of origin,
transit or destination (eg. ivory and ivory products), goods which attract excise duty (eg. spirits) or which require special facilities, safety precautions or permits. Under applicable law, certain goods may be transported only
under prescribed conditions and certain goods are prohibited from transportation by air (eg. liquids in glass containers).

It is the shipper´s responsibility to comply with current government regulations or laws applicable in each country. Shipments are subject to inspection and possible delay by customs or representatives of other government authorities.

We reserve the right to refuse or suspend transportation of any package which does not set out contact details for shipper and receiver and of goods which, in our opinion, are not practicable for transportation or are not adequately described, classified or packed and labelled in a manner suitable for transportation and accompanied by necessary documentation.

We will not transport any goods which are prohibited by law or regulation of any federal, state or local government in the origin or destination countries or which may breach any applicable export, import or other laws or endanger the safety of our employees, agents and subcontractors or the means of transportation or, which in our opinion, soil, paint or otherwise damage other goods or equipment or which are economically or operationally impractical to transport.

Shipping prohibited articles on a contractual basis with UPS (dropping off at our Burnley parcel shop only)

Certain items we list as prohibited will be accepted by UPS on a contractual basis for shippers with regular volume and the ability to comply with all applicable regulations.

The items we can carry under certain criteria are:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Perishable goods
  • Plants
  • Seeds
  • Tobacco and tobacco products

  • Not all commodities can be shipped to all countries.

For more information contact your local UPS office.

£60 compensation insurance is included for loss or damage, with additional compensation available up to £1000.

Some exclusions apply.
Items excluded from compensation:
Dangerous, prohibited or restricted goods (where you do not comply with the relevant terms & conditions), or goods sent in breach of sanctions.

Money, coins & financial documents or money's equivalent.

  • Includes banker's drafts, credit/debit cards, current bank notes, currency notes/coins, postal orders, cheques or dividend warrants, bearer securities including share warrants, scrips or subscription certificates, bonds or relative coupons, unfranked postage stamps or revenue stamps (except a revenue stamp embossed or impressed on an instrument which has been executed), coupons, vouchers, tokens, lottery tickets, scratch cards or similar items which can be exchanged themselves or with any other item for money, goods or services, national insurance stamps. Out of circulation coins (not made of gold or silver) & bank notes are classed as collectables.
  • Nationally issued government certificates or licences which have a reissue value are covered for loss/damage but compensation is limited solely to the national government reissue cost. E.G. passports, driver's licences, wedding certificates, birth certificates, death certificates & changes of name or gender certificates.
  • Negotiable documents.
  • Stamps: unused or unfranked postage or revenue stamps. Out of circulation or franked stamps are treated as collectables for compensation purposes.
  • All tickets, including travel/events or tickets which are exchangeable for goods or services e.g. airline tickets.


  • Antiques (objects over 100 years old)
  • Platinum, gold, silver or other precious metals or made mostly or wholly of.
  • Precious stones e.g. diamonds.
  • Fur (except imitation).
  • Jewellery (except imitation).
  • Sim cards.
  • Watches or Clocks, including watch movements & other parts.

Excluded from compensation for damage only.

Any items that by their inherent nature are particularly susceptible to damage are excluded from compensation in the event of damage on all services. This includes but is not limited to the below:

  • Automotive vehicle parts & body work for example but not limited to doors, bumpers, headlights & other large body parts or panels.
  • Cakes of all types.
  • Cases (including suitcases or musical instrument cases) when used as external packaging.
  • Ceramics or composites wholly or partially made of china &/or porcelain.
  • Collectable toys or action figures, where the original packaging contributes to the item’s value.
  • Computer monitors including laptop screens, all-in-one desktops and iMacs.
  • Furniture flat packed or ready built e.g. tables, chairs, shelves, cupboards or similar items.
  • Lighting fluorescent tubes, neon lighting, X-ray tubes, light bulbs etc. or other fragile lighting items.
  • Models, e.g. completed kit or scratch build models, dolls houses or architectural models.
  • Televisions CRT, LCD, LED or Plasma screens.

Items made wholly or partially of the following materials or similar materials:

  • Ceramics e.g. china, porcelain.
  • Composites e.g. concrete, fragranite.
  • Glass Items wholly or partially made from or containing glass, e.g. picture frames or clocks containing glass or crystal items. Damage to other items in the parcel caused by broken glass will not be covered
  • Plaster items including plaster of paris, fibre clay.
  • Resin items including amorphite, amber, composites.
  • Rock, stone or mineral items including granite, marble, fossils, geodes, gem stones, crystals or similar items.
  • Packaging (external) e.g. if items are sent in a suitcase, musical instrument case or in the manufacturer or retailer’s original packaging without adequate external packaging, Parcelforce will not be liable for damage to the suitcase, musical instrument case or manufacturer or retailer’s packaging.
    Special conditions or restrictions.

Perishable foodstuffs & articles: All perishable items, including food, eggs, cakes, plants, flowers, seeds & medicines, may only be sent in accordance with the terms and conditions set out under the heading "Perishable foodstuffs and articles". on the Parcelforce website.
UK Parcels which contain perishable foodstuffs or articles must be sent by a next day service as a minimum requirement, and be able to withstand transit times of at least two working days. Items sent on a Friday must be sent on a next day Saturday Delivery service. Claims for damage will not be accepted where the goods have perished & the parcel was delivered within two working days. Claims for damage caused by late delivery will not be accepted where this was outside of our control.

Musical instruments are excluded from enhanced compensation. Guitars & brass instruments are particularly prone to damage & should be packed very carefully in a hard case.

Collectable Items: Any loss of, or damage to, any collectable shall be limited to the lesser of the actual cost price paid for the collectable by the seller or the purchase price paid by the buyer & shall not exceed Parcelforce' stated limits of compensation. 


Each parcel is fully tracked with an online electronic signature upon delivery.
You can check the progress of your parcels from collection through to delivery by entering your tracking number on the main UPS website.

Your tracking number is on the label you printed and applied to your parcel.

If you are the receiver of the parcel, please contact the sender for the tracking number in the first instance, if they are unable to give it to you, then please contact us.

UPS is a courier and logistics service in the United Kingdom. UPS is a trading name of United Parcel Services and carries parcels throughout the U.K.

Next Day delivery from a UPS Access Point to a UPS Access Point with UPS Couriers up to 20 kgs. (Shop to Shop service across the whole of the U.K. mainland)

The UPS Shop to Shop service allows you to drop off your parcels at one of the hundreds of convenience stores located throughout the whole of the UK, which are open very long hours.

The parcels are usually collected between 12pm and 3pm and are delivered the next day, therefore for a next day delivery you would be required to drop-off your parcels by 12pm. The recipients mobile phone number is essential on bookings as UPS will send a text message informing the recipient that their parcels are ready to collect.
Collection and delivery is not guaranteed but enjoys a success rate of over 99%. The recipient is required to show I.D. when collecting their parcels. Accepted forms of I.D. are birth certificate, debit card, Citizen Card, Passport, Foreign I.D. card, Driving License.

*A printer is required to use this service.
*Collection from UPS parcel shop Monday - Friday between 12pm and 3pm.
*Delivery to UPS parcel shop 
Monday - Friday between 12pm and 3pm.

You must write the recipients name, address & phone number on the parcel, you must also print out the parcel label that we email to you and apply to each parcel, your tracking number is shown on the label you apply.

The maximum length of a parcel using the UPS Access point is 80 cms.
Enter the length, width and height in the boxes on the right to get a quote.
Over-sized/overweight parcels will be held and an additional fee is required to pay before release.

A senders name, address and phone number is required in case the recipient does not collect their parcels, they will be returned to the sender.

Do not send fragile items, furniture or white goods as these are not insured.

Choose the level of insurance you require from the drop down menu, £60 of free insurance is included with each parcel sent.   

Ensure your parcels are well wrapped to protect them from damage, damage caused to parcels not sufficiently packaged will result in an insurance claim invalid. We reccomend taking a photo of all parcels sent with the labels on and if large take photos showing the size by using a tape measure.


UPS Access Points can be found all over the UK mainland.
to find your local UPS Access Point visit ups.com/dropoff and change the location to United Kingdom.

Next day Delivery UK mainland UPS Access Point UPS parcel shop cheapest price book online

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