How to place an order

How do I place an order?

1. Measure your parcel from the widest points accurately in centimetres (CMS)

2.   If using a courier service weigh your parcel in kilograms and round up to the nearest kilogram.
2b. If using a postal service 
weigh your parcel in grams and round up to the nearest 10 grams.

3. Ensure that your items conform to the maximum size restrictions and that you have read the tab entitled prohibited/restricted on the pricing page.

4. Select the services you require on the right hand side and then s
elect add to cart, the website will give you the price, you can change the weight or the service and the website will instantly update the price.

5. Your account address is where we will collect your parcel from or you can drop off your parcel at our Burnley Parcel Shop. 

6. A printer is not required if you are visiting our Burnley shop, otherwise a printer is required.
You will need to write on each parcel: The persons full name and address and phone number in case the label comes off.
Your parcels are weighed and size checked once received, please do not send oversized or overweight parcels as they will be retunred to you and no refund will be due.